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Get the Fibre Optic Internet Network for your Home or Business! Enjoy our network connection for you and your family. You can get speeds of up to 1.5Gbps.

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Fast and Reliable Technology

Stable and Secure

Benefit from a stable and secure Internet network so that all your connected devices operate efficiently. You can browse the Internet quickly, listen to a movie, play online and download documents simultaneously without interruption.

Wi-Fi Modem Included

Get our powerful Universal Kiosk with our Wi-Fi technology and get a strong signal with the internet speeds available. Thanks to our Wi-Fi application, easily manage your home network.

Unlimited Downloads

Watch content like never before with unlimited downloads included in the fiber optic plan. Power and speed are there!


How to choose your Internet package?

How many devices will be connected to your modem?

The number of people and devices connected simultaneously will impact the stability and performance of your connection. Before opting for a particular plan, make sure you know how many devices will be connected to your Internet.

Do you watch movies and TV shows on the Internet?

Streaming movies, series and shows of all genres can require a lot of bandwidth. The quality of Internet service, therefore, plays an important role in the speed of the video broadcast.

Do you play online video games?

Video games, especially online role-playing (multiplayer), require a fast and reliable connection. If your Internet use is almost exclusively related to online video games, mention it to your Cellcom representative so that they can offer you a plan that abounds in the same direction.

Do you communicate frequently by videoconference?

This type of call requires using your computer’s camera and microphone in addition to streaming smooth content to the screen, both for you and the person you’re chatting with. So you will need a stable connection with adequate speed.

Do you often download music and movies?

These kinds of downloads, especially movies, can consume a lot of data. That’s why it might be a good idea to go for a plan that offers unlimited downloads.

Types of packages

➊ Vitesse jusqu'à 15 mbs/s + 50 Go d'utilisation mensuelle
➋ Vitesse jusqu'à 50 mbs/s + Téléchargements illimités
❸ Vitesse jusqu'à 300 mbs/s + Téléchargements illimités
➍ Vitesse jusqu'à 500 mbs/s + Téléchargements illimités
➎ Vitesse jusqu'à 1 gbs/s + Téléchargements illimités

Save By Contacting Us

Whether it is via chat, phone or email, ask your questions and seek the advice of our representatives who will guide you through the channels and packages offered! Choose a single service or combine several to save on your bill.

Got any questions?

Ask your questions and seek the advice of our representatives to choose the right Fibre Optics package for you!

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